The amazing beaches on Paxos Island

Kaki Langada Beach

Kaki Langada Beach

The beaches of Paxos are worldwide known for their beauty and uniqueness. The waters in the high seas of Ionion are one of the cleanest spots of Mediterranean Sea, with a large variety of flora and fauna that will impress you by diving even with a simple mask. The beaches of the island of Antipaxos are known for their white sand that makes them one of their kind in a worldwide level, attracting tourists that come to the island exclusively for the sea diving spots.

The island of Paxos is very rocky, but also known for its dense vegetation. Its not exaggeration to say that you will find trees and forests everywhere you look, including the vast majority of the beaches, providing you one of the best experiences of your life: the magical combination of a deep blue sea right next to an ancient olive tree forest.

Beach on Antipaxos Island.

A tiny beach on Antipaxos Island.

You can also rent a boat and go for a round of the island, exploring the amazing rocky sea caves, some of which are the home of thousands of traveling birds that use them as a home for their stop, creating a magnificent spectacle! Using the boat will give you the ability to go to Antipaxos or Mogonisi islands, which is not habitable and the beaches there are even more virgin! Also, the west part of the island, is the closest you can get from Greece to Italy, making it visible the days with clear air.

Whether you choose to stay on land or travel with a boat, the beaches and sea waters of Paxos Island will provide you with the finest of the joys the Mediterranean Sea has to offer! So grab the opportunity to live one of the finest moments of your life on this amazing beautiful little island of Greece.

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