Paxos - An earthly romantic paradise in Greece

After an hour on the hydrofoil, you will reach an earthly and small paradise, called Paxos. Welcome to the romantic hideaway of god Poseidon!


Erimitis Beach in Paxos.Paxos is a tiny island, just seven miles long, with three harbor towns, Gaios, Lakka and Loggos, all located on the east coast. The island, which is covered with olive groves, is famous for its natural beauty. Thousands of olive trees (200.000 in total, some of which are really old ones) were introduced when the Paxiots were paid for each tree planted. The pine trees and fields with grapes that are used for making local wine are a delight for the eyes. Paxos is one of the Ionian Islands and it’s about 25km2 with a population of 3000 people. Every year the island is visited by a lot of tourists from all over the world to enjoy a Greek Ionian holiday. As for Paxos accommodation you have many choices such as studios, villas and apartments.


a great view from voutoumi beach in antipaxos island.One mile from Paxos you will discover the beauty of the island, Antipaxos. An oasis of peace with ocean blue green waters. During the trip to Antipaxos you will come across 12 sea caves that will excite you.. Furthermore, swimming in the crystal clear waters would be a fascinating experience. When you arrive to Antipaxos you will be able to visit three beaches: Vrika (white sand), Mesovrika and Voutoumi  and they can be reached by 15-minute ride with a sea-taxi from the Port of Gaios.


Regarding the History of Paxos, we can find out that the island was colonized by Corinths about 734bc and in 229bc it was enslaved by the Romans. In 1386 Paxos was taken by the Venetians after centuries of attacks by pirates and raids by the Turkish fleet.

Another attraction for the visitors of Paxos are the small streets with historical and romantic flavor. Although many of the buildings were destroyed in an earthquake in 1953, most of those at the harbor of Gaios have survived. In early days, every house from Paxos owned its own church. Right now in the island there are approximately 96 churches.


Its capital has about 800 inhabitants and is called Gaios. A real beauty dating from the historical period is the castle of Agios Nikolaos. The castle was built in 1453 and it still stands as a proud guardian of the island.


lakkas port sea view.Walking to the north part there is Lakka -second largest village on the island and has about 400 inhabitants. There you are waited by many beautiful beaches. Lakka is about 8 km away from Gaios and is easily reached by taxi, bus or rented car.



a great full view of loggos port in paxos island.
The fishing village Loggos has a cosy and colorful harbor with a number of dining options .It is a small and romantic place.



The island is full of nice places for you to drink your beverage or to have a nice meal.


Visit Paxos for nice and pleasant holidays.

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