The nightlife of Paxos is characterized by a quality amount of choices. The bars and cafeterias, the clubs, the restaurants and the flapjack pancake and ice cream places are giving you a variety of choices making sure that you will never be bored during the nighttime during your stay in our beautiful island. Whether you are in favor of partying until morning or you prefer something more quite for your entertainment for your night walk, you will be surprised by the variety of things and places you can spend your time.


Remego Bar – Gaios

The vast majority of the bars in Gaios and Lakka are right in front of the sea, making your night even more relaxing as you would ever imagine.

One of the most central happenings that go on in the Ionian island, are the beach parties that are taking place in Antipaxos. With only access to the island through sea, you can either rent a boat and work on your own times, or you can take the sea taxi that makes itineraries all the night.

nassos tavern logos

Nassos tavern – Logos

The dress code of the island is including the vast majority of aesthetic choices of our era. From people who have just stepped off their yachts in Gaios, dressed in all their jewels and finery, to campers who have just stepped out of their tents dressed in whatever they woke up in, everyone is blending in the atmosphere of Paxos perfectly.


Gaios port at night

As for music, there is a big chance that you will find the vibe that you prefer on one of the corners of our picturesque island. From rock bars to mainstream pop and hiphop clubs, and of course reggae, and the likes, the nightlife in our island includes pretty much every type of entertainment.

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